• Selling Real Estate on the North Shore
  • Selling Real Estate on the North Shore
  • Selling Real Estate on the North Shore

Real Estate North Shore - Property Experts.

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You´ve landed on our website and we don´t think it´s by accident…especially if you are thinking about buying or selling a North Shore property.

So, if you like the sound of receiving genuine experience and passion that could end up saving you mountains of stress and making you tens of thousands of dollars, then please read on.

We are Shane Coote and Roger Simpson-Marvin from Central Realty North Shore. We are from this area. We love this place and it´s our livelihood.

We understand real estate on the North Shore. Which is just as well, because we´re proud of what we do for our community as real estate professionals working in the North Shore area.

As a duo, we´re unique! Somehow, we´re able to combine our experience, community focus and deep understanding of the North Shore real estate landscape…to help people like you.

If you are considering listing your property on the greater North Shore or looking to buy here, then we would like to talk to you. Here´s why:

For a start, we know that those who sell their property through us get the best chance of achieving the best price and get the sale faster...and for people wanting to buy a property, it means getting personal and expert help so you can secure the very best property for your budget and your circumstances.

Yes we know that every agent selling real estate on the North Shore probably says the same thing! But don´t take our word for it. Check out some of our testimonials from people, we´ve had the pleasure to help.

Get Real Estate North Shore Assistance

Whatever your circumstances, and whatever stage you are at, please go ahead and get professional and friendly assistance from either of us....

  • If you are thinking about (or ready now) to sell real estate on the North Shore, we can help you by providing a free, no obligation and no pressure property appraisal.
  • If you are actively wanting to buy real estate on the North Shore, then go ahead and get in touch with us to see how we may be able to help.
  • If you are thinking about selling or buying real estate on the North Shore in the future, go ahead and sign up for our Real Estate North Shore Property Updates - or download our free report. You\'ll get advice and information about the real estate market on the North Shore that will save you time and money.

Remember, we are here for you. If you are looking to deal with genuine operators who take what they do very personally, then go ahead and contact us for a chat.

Thank you for visiting.